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Mr. Hernandez's Page

My name is Joe Hernandez and I am finishing my first year as the Ag instructor for Jayton-Girard ISD. I have been in the workforce for many years and have collected many skills along the way that will enable me to teach to my students. I have many years of welding experience, as well as, skills and knowledge in the ranching and farming field.  
I have stock showed at all levels with my boys throughout the years and enjoy working with show animal projects and what it teaches kids.  These are lifelong lessons that are learned and I truly feel that these lessons along with the work ethic gained, enable students to become employable adults. My kids were granted the privilege of showing at the Fort Worth Stock Show, Houston Livestock Show and the San Antonio Stock Show. We have a lifetime of memories that were obtained in these 14 years of showing with my boys. 
My wife and I have been married for 26 years and together we have 3 sons.  Our oldest sons are 23 years old and live in Stephenville, Texas are in the workforce. Our youngest son is finishing up his Senior year of high school here at Jayton.  He plans to attend Texas Tech in the Fall and pursue a degree in Petroleum Engineering.  My wife, Connie, is the 3rd-5th grade Math teacher here at Jayton-Girard ISD and has been in the education field for many years.  We have really enjoyed living here in Jayton and have made some special friends.  We love what this community stands for and what it has provided for me and my family. 
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