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I am a graduate from McMurry University as a Secondary Composite Science Major.  I am currently in my 19 year of teaching. I have been blessed to have taught 16 of those years here at Jayton- Girard ISD. Before being hired as a full time teacher, here at Jayton, I taught 1 year at Hamlin High School, as a Science teacher and I also taught 1 year at Spur as a 4th Grade teacher, where I earned my Elementary Certification. I was a substitute teacher here at Jayton, for 10 years before being hired as a full time teacher, during which 1 of those years I earned 1 year of credit with TEA on my retirement.
While at Hamlin High School, I taught A&P, Physical Science and Chemistry and while teaching at Spur Elementary, I was a self contained 4th Grade teacher. My years here at Jayton, I've taught IPC, Life Skills, 5th Grade Reading, 6th Social Studies, Elementary Computer classes, Elementary PE, and  3-8th Grade Science classes. I currently teach 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Science classes.
My husband is a graduate of Jayton-Girard and has lived in Jayton his entire life. We are the parents of 3 wonder young adults, all of whom are graduates from Jayton-Girard ISD and attended all of their years in public education at Jayton-Girard ISD. I
conference time: 2:45-3:30
School phone: 806-237-4805