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How do Kids Learn Best?

“How do kids learn best?” is a question that we are always trying to answer. Much research has been done in this area over the last few decades. There is an abundance of literature to support just about any theory and a vendor to sell you materials to address each theory. The answer is simple, yet complex. Simple, because the answer is that there is no one way that kids learn best. Complex, because each kid learns best in different ways. There are as many answers to that question as there are kids.

One simple indication of how a particular kid learns best can be determined by observing what the kid chooses to do when he or she has free time at home. Most kids will gravitate to doing the things they feel good about doing. This often gives us some insight into their learning style. As educators and parents, thinking about how similar or different the learning activities that we give our kids are to the leisure activities that a kid chooses can be very insightful.